The Benefits of Aloe for Oral Health

The Benefits of Aloe for Oral Health

The clear gel inside of the aloe plant contains numerous anti-oxidants and organic compounds that have been known for their many health and medicinal benefits. Traditionally, aloe is used as a moisturizer and treatment for burns and rashes.

Recently, there has been increased interest in aloe’s ability to improve oral health in a more natural and holistic way.

Cultivated by the Egyptians

Aloe has been used throughout history as a medicine or its health benefits, with record of the Egyptians cultivating Aloe Vera as early as 1600 B.C for use in skin and hair care.

While it must have been a highly prized herb used to protect against the hot desert sun in ancient Egypt, some evidence shows that they may have applied aloe to other uses, going as far as calling it the “plant of immortality.”

To this day, modern medicine uses aloe in a wide array of treatments. Here’s what the aloe plant can do for health of your mouth.

Natural Breath Freshener

Many varieties of aloe, including the specific species Aloe Barbadensis, contains compounds that act as natural antiseptics, inhibiting the bacteria such that cause bad breath.

Soothing Relief of Aloe

Aloe Vera and Barbados aloe can be used to treat minor sores like mouth ulcers or canker sores. It can provide pain relief.

If anything persists or develops past a minor issue, be sure to consult your doctor or dentist. This could be a serious issue that needs attention immediately.

Aloe Reduces Inflammation

Gums can get inflamed and cause pain in your mouth. Even the slight pain caused by an inflammation can become quite the annoyance.

Aloe Vera and Barbados can reduce inflammation in mouth and gum tissue, alleviating the pain that it causes as well. It can also aid in the treatment of minor infection is a common cause of inflammation of the gums.

Aloe is a Natural Ingredient

One of the main benefits of aloe is that it is all-natural.

The use of aloe for mouth care has taken place for thousands of years, much longer than the synthetic compounds that many mouthwashes contain today.

Natural ingredients are better for you and the environment.

Using Aloe for Oral Care

Use an Aloe Based Mouthwash

Using an aloe based mouth rinse can help keep your teeth, gums and the rest of your mouth healthy. Since a mouth wash is convenient, use is more likely to continue

All of Nature’s Artisan mouthwashes are aloe based, alcohol free, and contain Xylitol, which is shown to prevent tooth decay. We use Aloe Barbadensis, a variety of aloe that exhibits all of the above qualities.

Additionally, the Aloe in all Nature’s Artisan mouthwashes is 100% organic and hydroponically grown.

Not only is aloe grown hydroponically better for the environment, using 20% of the water that soil based farming does, but the aloe is more consistent and can eliminate virtually all contamination and pollution from the growing process, leaving a more pure aloe product in the end.

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