Nature’s Artisan products are 100% natural and delicious.

100% natural ingredients, and alcohol-free.
No Factor
NO petroleum derivatives, NO parabens or phthalates, NO sulfates.
Great Taste
With gourmet flavor combinations sweetened with the highest quality xylitol.
USA Made
Proudly made in the USA.

We pride ourselves in using best business practices in every aspect of our operation, and we remain committed to leaving the earth a better place for all living beings.

About the Company

Nature’s Artisan is the premium choice for natural oral care solutions. Our unique approach fuses the wisdom of traditional medicine with the science of modern dental care, using 100% natural ingredients and gourmet flavor combinations to create a wholesome mouthwash that you can feel good about using. We believe the best care comes from Mother Nature, which is why our delicious mouthwashes are sweetened with the highest quality non-GMO xylitol, a natural sugar that tastes great and is even better for your teeth. Learn more about xylitol.

Sustainable Practices

At Nature’s Artisan, we make it our mission to care for the planet and give back to the community wherever we can. We pride ourselves in using best business practices in every aspect of our operation, from using xylitol originating from sustainably managed forests, to having biodegradable packing peanuts in shipping packages, and utilizing the highest quality bio-based natural preservatives in our products. In addition, a percentage of our sales go to local charities in the Southern California area, and we remain committed to leaving the earth a better place for all living beings.


Tina Yarandi is an outdoor enthusiast, health advocate, and foodie who has a passion for helping people improve their lives.

As a child in her native Iran, Tina was surrounded by a culture based around pure, fresh foods and family. Instead of going to the grocery store, her grandmother’s garden provided the family with nourishment. Growing up, her grandma would often impart folk wisdom and natural remedies on young Tina, including cures for everything from acne to the common cold.

It was while enrolled in the Post-Baccalaureate program at the UCLA School of Dentistry that Tina studied the incredible benefits of xylitol. Disappointed by the lack of natural options in the oral care market that utilized this amazing ingredient to its full potential, it was then that her inspiration struck. Instead of using alcohol and artificial ingredients to care for teeth, why not use what nature has already provided?

Equipped with her dental background and reverence for traditional folk medicine, she became determined to create a better solution. It was then that Nature’s Artisan was born.

Today, Tina remains committed to improving the lives of others in any way she can. Since 2011 she has actively run her family’s private foundation, which strives to bring smiles to the faces of children hospitalized with serious illnesses by providing gifts and financial assistance to their families. She believes that businesses should be responsible for not only producing high-quality products for their customers, but also for giving back to the community that supports them.

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